Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christmas 2010

December 25, 2010
We had such a great Christmas. Although it did come and go very quickly this year. It seems like we just had it, and then it is here again. This year was especially fun, because Aunt Julie and her family were here from Illinois.
Waiting on the stairs to see what Santa left!
Awe, the surprise...
Checking out their stockings...
The kids drew names this year, and Dawson got Daxton. He wanted to wrap the present all by himself :)...
It was a Muse CD, and the ends of the present weren't closed.
He did such a great job!
Here are the gifts they gave to each other...
Dax gave Brayden a basketball,
Brayden gave Jada littlest pet shops,
Jada gave Dawson a puzzle and 3-d coloring kit,
and Dawson gave Dax a Muse CD.
Dawson claimed he was old enough to use the scissors all by himself.
we were a bit worried, but no one lost any fingers :).
Jada hand made this scarf for me. It is sooo cute, and the best color ever.
I love it!
Dax gave Dave new lounging shorts, and beef jerky.
Dad got spoiled!
Here is Dawson opening the only thing he asked Santa for...
He was so excited that Santa came through for him!
Wow Brayden, what could that be...
Yep, that's right... he got an awesome banana chair!
Here's Jada opening her big present from Santa...
Wow... Santa really went all out this year... an Ipod Touch!
She was so dang excited.
Dave got a new watch from Santa, and surprise he actually kept it. Santa has tried to get him a new one for a number of years, but he always returns them.
Brayden loved this gift...
He got an Itunes gift card! He is always wanting to get new games for his Ipod Touch.
Dax got a new amp cord, he is always wanting something better for his guitar!
Santa finally got the kids a pogo stick, but unfortunately it broke on the first use :(. Toys are not made as good as they used to be.
Santa left a gift for all the kids to share...
The Lego Harry Potter WII game!!
Santa gave Brayden Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011!
Here's Daxton's gift from Santa...
Yes... finally, a long board!!
Jada's gifts...
Clothes, Littlest Petshops, Eclipse DVD, Ipod Touch, Socks, Gloves and Scarf, and Wool Socks.
Brayden's gifts...
Banana Chair, Basketball Shoes, Walkie talkies, Nerf Gun, Dangerous Hunts, Itunes gift card, Toy Story 3 DVD, Star Wars guys, Air Hog helicopter, and wool socks.
Dawson's gifts...
Space Shuttle, Lego's, Spark Scooter, Nerf Gun, Bow and Arrow, Star Wars guys, Despicable Me DVD, and Wool Socks.
Daxton's gifts...
Sweat pants, Muse CD, awesome decorative guitar hooks for his room, new amp cable, The Dark Knight DVD, new underwear :), Long board, new razor and shaving cream, and Wool Socks.
Brayden could fit in Daxton's long board box,
it looked pretty fun!
Our future hunter!
Outside trying out new gifts...
It was so foggy outside. It was so pretty!
Can you see the sparks coming out of his scooter...
He is sooo happy, thanks Santa!
Merry Christmas 2010!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Funny Boys :)

February 22, 2011
Our kids have been saying and doing some pretty funny things lately, so I thought I would document them.
At dinner, I always give Dawson a smaller plate because he is little. Well someone else set the table and gave him a full size plate. He sat down looked at his plate, then at all the other plates and this is what he had to say...
Dawson: Hey... why do I have a big plate?
Dave: Because you are a big boy.
Dawson: No... I am a little man!
Our happy "Little Man"!
So proud to be a little man, yet he wouldn't eat the dinner I made!

We had Dawson's Kindergarten registration the other day, so we took Dawson to get his five year old shots. Later that day this is what Dawson had to say...

"Mom, I feel different now... since I got my shots. Now I like Mario Brother... my shots made me different!"
Dawson is such a crazy guy... he is always making us laugh. He also always wants me to take his picture so he can make funny faces like this one!
Dawson climbed up on the kitchen counter to draw on our white board (this is one of his favorite things to do). I had to get a picture of his drawing. He drew a picture of our guinea pig "Lacy". I just love how you can see Lacy's heart :). I think this is such a good likeness of Lacy... wouldn't you agree?
The other day Brayden looks at Dave and I and says, "How much weight would I need to lose to make my ears skinny?" Dave and I just laughed and told him you can't lose weight in your ears. We informed him not only are his ears perfect, he is perfect and does not need to lose any weight. I still laugh every time I think of this question he asked :). Kids are so funny. It is crazy the things they think about!


Prepare yourself for the scariest thing that one of our kids have done lately. Yep, that would be Daxton. Warning: view at your own risk... I can not be held accountable for your reaction!
There is a good reason for the frightening look on Dax's face... he is trying to look like Aniken Skywalker from Star Wars. You will find out why he is looking like this in the following pictures...
Yes, that is right he now sporting a new Jedi braid :(. I am not thrilled about this, but we are indulging him for a bit.
Just thought I would throw in an up close and personal shot of the awesome Jedi braid! Remember I forewarned you before you viewed this :).

I love my funny kids. They are always giving me reasons to smile and laugh :). Luv ya guys