Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last and First

May 29, 2012
The time has finally come... The end of the school year. Which this year means Brayden's last dance festival, and Dawson's first.

It is so crazy to me that Brayden is moving on to Jr. High. These two would only get to be in the same school for one year :(. Brayden is awesome, and has been babysitting Dawson every morning while I was at crossing guard. Hopefully that didn't ruin their relationship forever :).

Anyway, the dance festival was so good. It was crazy running from crossing guard to the festival, then home to get Dawson breakfast, and back to crossing guard ;(. I am just grateful to have a job that I can still make it to the kids events.

Weston, Dawson, Beau, Ollie, and Ethan
Getting ready for the big dance...

Dawson's class did a cute cowboy dance...

Brayden is always so embarrassed when I try to get pictures...

Then his friend Cameron got him to look at me...

Ready for the dance...

Brayden's class did a generations dance, and had little clips of music from lots of generations. It was one of the cutest dances I've ever seen at these festivals.

Brayden surprised me, he is quite the dancer....

He had some awesome moves!!

He was glad to get back to his seat :)

Easton, Dawson and Ollie
I just love these cute guys...

My baby....
So excited for summer, but I am a little sad to see Brayden's elementary days coming to an end.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Already ???

May 25, 2012 
I can't believe it is already here...  Brayden is finishing sixth grade, and heading on to the big world of Jr. High.  I know I say it all the time, but WOW, time sure does fly!
 What a handsome graduate!
 Easton, Brayden, Bryce and Gavin
 Almost ready for the big graduation to start...
 Brayden and Mrs. Jones...
I just loved these two pictures of Brayden with his teacher.  His nervous smile is sooo cute.  All of the kids have loved Mrs. Jones, she is so much fun.  Who wouldn't love a teacher that is young, energetic, and looks like one of the kids in the class :).  I think this has been Brayden's most favorite year of Elementary.
 I didn't think I would cry, but no...
They sang the song "My Wish", and the tears came.
 This is after he got his diploma.  I missed getting a picture of him getting it, because of all the kids walking back to their seat :(.
 Brayden and Principal Beckstrand
Brayden was so mad at me for taking this picture.  A few days before this he had had to go to the principals office for breaking his lunch card :(.  So he felt stupid, but I know one day when he is older he will be glad I took this picture :).
 Caden, Barrett, Devin and Brayden
Brayden with his best buddies!!
 Unfortunately his very best buddy Jacob missed the graduation :(
So I had to post a random picture of Jacob.
 I let Jada miss school because they were just having parties, and she really didn't want to go.  So it was fun that she got to attend the graduation.
 Outside his school...
The school was new this year.  We were sad to leave our other school, but Riverview has been awesome!!
It is always so dang windy here...
 Brayden kept letting go of his hat, and it would blow away.  I was laughing so hard :).  He chased after that thing at least 6 times.  It was so funny!!
Here he is with his certificate of advancement!
I am excited for Brayden to be growing up and moving on, but it sure makes my heart ache at the same time.  Things are moving just a bit to fast for my liking :(.  Good thing I have this blog so I can go back and remember my kids when they were little.  I am so proud of Brayden and all of his many accomplishments.  He is an amazing boy!  I love ya Brady :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dawson's End of Year Kindergarten Program

May 17, 2012
Dawson just had his end of year Kindergarten program. I can not believe he is almost finished :(. My baby is getting so big. Just look at what a cute guy he has become...
 Ollie, Kaylin, Dawson, Beau and Weston
I wanted to get a picture of him with his best buddies before the program started. I was getting them all together, and this cute little girl from his class came and hopped in the picture. It gave me a good laugh :)
Ollie, Dawson, Beau and Weston
Just look at these cute little buddies. They are the best of friends.   Dawson has had such a great year thanks to these guys :)
Dawson had a part in the program, and he did such a great job. He was very nervous. We are so proud of him!
Our principal is so awesome. He did a solo during one of the songs with the kids. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. He is always so involved in all of the school activities. We are so lucky to have him. Thanks Mr. Beckstrand!
After the program they did a quick photo shoot with the kids and teacher. Dawson was sitting on a step, and it made him look so tiny compared to his teacher and the other kids. It was so funny!
Here is Dawson with his awesome teacher, Mrs. Baird. She has been so great. Dawson has sure enjoyed her class. She puts so much time and effort into all she does for these kids. Thanks so much for being so awesome Judy!! It has been a great year :).