Monday, September 24, 2012

Brayden's 12th Birthday...

 August 26, 2012
Well, my little guy Brayden is twelve.  My how time flies when you are having fun :)  His birthday fell on Sunday this year which was fitting since he is old enough to receive the priesthood.  He was ordained a Deacon.  It really is crazy how old our kids are getting. 
It was so nice to have Grandma Hamilton be with us for his ordination.  She drove all the way out and had to leave right after to go to her ward since she is the R.S. President.  Thanks Mom!
 I am sooo blessed!
 Brayden wanted a snake cake, so here is my poor attempt...
 I just love this boys smile.  I just can't help but smile myself when I see it :)
 Opening Dawson's gift...
He made Brayden a card, and put $2 in it, that was so cute especially for a 6 year old to part with so much of his own money :)
 Jada made Brayden a nice card...
 Our gift to Brayden...
  Yes, that would be Tacky Glue, curling ribbon and...
All Brayden wanted from Dave and I was money.  I put the glue and ribbon in to make the bag heavy and throw him off from thinking it was cash.  I know really random, but I am so sneaky :)  He wanted to put the cash towards a PS Vida.  Well, I have had enough of spending money on game systems so we talked him out of it.  He is now saving to buy a .22 rifle.  He wants to get into hunting.  Notice Brayden's green necklace... it was another gift from Dawson.  He had made it at church, and was so happy to give it to Brayden for his birthday.  Brayden was so kind to be excited about receiving it.  He even wore it to his Scout Court of Honor :).  Brayden is such a great brother!  

Here is a list of Brayden's Favorites when he was Twelve...
Favorite Food- Crepe's
Favorite Color- Purple
Favorite Movie- Batman The Dark Night Rises
Favorite Book- Hunger Games
Favorite Music Group- Fun
Favorite Song- "Some Nights" By Fun
Favorite Candy- Kit Kat

Brayden is such a great guy.  He is so funny, and is always making me laugh.  He is just like his Dad :).  He is an excellent soccer player, a great student and an amazing son.  We are so blessed to have him in our family.  We love you so much Brayden!!!  Happy Birthday Buddy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here We Go... Let The Dating Begin...

September 14
Well, it happened... Daxton turned 16.  Here we go, let the dating begin :/.  I am a bit nervous to say the least.  Homecoming is coming up, so Dax finally asked his friend Karly.  He was pretty excited, and came up with an awesome way to ask her.
He went to a local pizza place and they wrote in sausage on the pizza :).  He put a note under the pizza that had his name on it.  I am proud of how creative Dax was.
Dawson, Arianne, Jada, Josh, Dax and Nick
Everyone was so excited for Dax...

Josh calling Karly's mom to find out when Karly would be home...
Look at Nick in the back ground.  I caught his in a huge yawn.  
I have never seen him so tired, poor guy.
And they are off to make the delivery...
The next day Karly answered him in the cutest most delicious way...
Just look how happy he is :)
It was a yummy cookie with Daxton's most favorite fruit on it... Peaches and Pineapple.  Oh Karly, you know Daxton too well :).  She even went to the same pizza place Dax went to and got one of their boxes to put it in.  Karly is so cute!
This is one happy guy!  This will be his very first date.  I can not believe we have already made it to this point in our lives.  My son is dating :?  Thank goodness I have been blessed with good kids, so I am not too worried.  I am so excited for Dax.  I think he will have tons of fun at Homecoming!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Me and My Sis...

September 5 - 10
Me and Lizzy at the Biltmore Mansion
Lucky me, I just went back to Tennessee for six days to have some sissy time with Lizzy.  We were just there a month ago, but it was sooo fun to be with just Lizzy for a few days.  We shopped, relaxed, ate lots of yummy food, and read smut magazines (People, In Touch, US, etc).   We did all the fun things that sisters do together ;).  We also went to Asheville NC to stay for the weekend at the Biltmore Mansion.  It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect!
The Biltmore is the Largest home in America...175,000 sq ft!!!  
Just a tiny bit bigger than mine!


Sisters share everything...we did a wardrobe swap the second day!
The view from the Mansion
The view from the Biltmore Inn where we stayed was so beautiful.
The sunset was amazing!
The view out our window
Honesty vs. thiefing!
So...Lizzy is like those little old ladies who peek out their hotel doors to check if the maids have abandoned their cleaning carts.  If they have she ever so quickly sneaks out and snatches up a few bottles of the miniature bath goodies (only if she is at a great hotel and they have ones worth loosing her eternal salvation over).  Well, she left it up to Me this time (who is not a seasoned bath goodie stealer) and said watch you will get caught on your first mini bath crime spree.  Sure enough I a deer in the headlights!  As Liz was checking out of the hotel the guy asked how our stay was and if there was anything else he could do.  Lizzy... feeling like she had not got enough goodies...  told him she liked to have the miniature soaps for her guest bathroom.  He then proceeded to beautifully wrap up a whole bag full of the delightful treats.  The moral of the story...JUST ASK!!! And then in turn you may make it through them pearly gates!
The grounds and food felt like Europe...  
Missy doesn't even need to go now!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest sissy of them all?

Well, we have officially become old ladies (between the soaps and this) we spent over an hour collecting tiny acorns and pinecones that we are just sure we will make some sort of an old lady craft out of!
We were gone for a whole day and a half and we got the cutest welcome home sign from Rylee.
Look how we found Lizzy's little Brynn.  She tried so hard to wait up for us but fell asleep 10 minutes before we got home ;(.  She is so cute!

All I can say, is this was such a relaxing vacation!  Liz and Brian sure spoiled me.  The only complaint that I have is it was too short :(.  Thanks for everything Liz and Brian!  Sure do luv ya Honey Boo Boo...