Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Playing in the Snow...

December 3, 2013
 Jada, Brayden, Shawn, Dawson, Elliott and Ryan
Finally we are getting a good snow storm.  The kids were so excited to get out and play in it.

Jada Babe (15 yrs old) & Brady Boy (13 yrs old)

Working hard to make an awesome jump :)

Dawson (7 yrs old)

Our cute Jada Babe!!

These two are always fighting...

Looks like Jada is getting the best of Brayden this time...

Daxton (17 yrs old)

He has had enough already...

Oh man that hair... It needs to be cut so bad :(

The kids had a fun time with the first snowfall.  They stayed out for a long time.  Yay for winter, at least till after Christmas, then it can go away.  I sure do love these cute kids of mine!!!