Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween 2009

Once again, I am very late on another post :(. Things have been really crazy. So I wanted to hurry and get the pictures of my kids in their costumes posted. They all looked so cute :).

October 29, 2009
Here we are carving our pumpkins. I always love this Halloween ritual!! I don't love all the pumpkin seeds I find around the kitchen for weeks later. What do they grow legs and find hiding spots, and later come out just to see how frustrated you get. Seriously where were they hiding that I didn't get them in the first clean up? I know I am a freak :).

Braydens finished product!

Dawsons piece of artwork!!

Daxtons masterpiece, and trying to make the same face as his pumpkin :)

Jadas vampire beauty!

All lit up, and looking awesome!!

October 30, 2009
I decided to let the kids have a Halloween party. They each invited 1 friend, and I had a few activities for them to do. First we made candy necklaces, lets just say they got a little board with this activity. I ended up making half of the necklaces. Next we had pizza for dinner. On to watching "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". I love that show. The kids really enjoyed it. Next we frosted ghost and pumpkin sugar cookies. The kids had a great time. I just thought it would make Halloween a bit more fun!

After that little party, we let Dax have his first boy/girl get together. I rented the movie "The Sixth Sense" for them to watch. I know that Dax had a great time :). It is so crazy that our kids are getting so old :(.

Dawson invited his good friend Bryce

Dax invited Brayden

Brayden invited Ethan

Jada invited Savanna

The pizza was a hit!

Frosting cookies was a huge mess, but a lot of fun!
Thanks to my good friend Rachel who helped me out on the dirtiest part of the party!

October 31, 2009
It was another perfect Halloween :). The weather was great, no rain or snow. The kids did not even wear coats. It could not have been better.

Happy Halloween!

Dax "The big Nerd" 13 yrs

Jada "the Witch" 11 yrs

Brayden "the Zombie Rockstar" 9 yrs

Dawson "the M&M" 3 yrs
This is the costume Dax & Brayden wore at the same age!

Dawson made me take a ton of pictures of him posing.
It was so funny. These are just a couple of them!

I stole a kiss from the Nerd :)

Let the Trick or Treating Begin!!

Dave took the kids for a bit, then his foot really started to bug him so he sat on the porch and passed out the candy. What a hottie!!

Dave wearing Braydens hat and wig!

Dawson with his candy collection. He did not want to to Trick or Treat for long.
He kept telling me, "me not want any more nandy mom". No candy is not misspelled, that is how he says candy! I love how little kids talk.

My two cute guys all tuckered out from Halloween!

Brayden & Jada's Candy piles
Daxtons pile of candy

Another great Halloween come and gone :( We had a great day, and I can not believe how much candy my kids got. Daxton went out with just his friends, no more mom and dad :(. Jada and her friend Ally went together, no more mom and dad :(. Brayden and Dawson went with Dave and I :) Eventually Brayden went with Jada and Ally. Dax then hung out at his friend Karlys till 11:30 pm. It is crazy how life changes so quickly.

Happy Halloween!!