Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Triathlon... Wow!!!

June 18, 2011
Daxton competed in his first Triathlon!! We are so proud of him, how did this kid come from Dave and I? Neither of us have any fitness skills... His scout group did it to earn a varsity pin. He did not even train, except for going swimming once. I was very worried, but he did awesome. He finished in an hour and 30 minutes. He swam 1/4 of a mile, biked 12 miles, and ran 3.2 miles :/. He placed 73 out of 300 :). He is amazing!!
What an awesome guy,
with Dawson who just loves him!
This is his racing number...
And they also mark their age!
Nick, Dax, Zack L., Zach J. and President Tillman
This is just part of his scout group.
I am actually really upset with Dax. The night before, I asked him where we should go to see him come in at the finish line. He told me we could not come, and that no parents were going to be there. I was sad, I really wanted to see him finish his first triathlon. That is a really big accomplishment, but he insisted we could not come. Come to find out most of the parents were there :(. Wow... thanks Dax!! I am really sad :(. Well, I now know never to listen to Dax. In the future I will do what I want. I will forgive you this time Dax, only because I am so proud of you. You are an amazing person who does what ever you put your mind to. You are awesome!! Luv ya Dax :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Amazing Race....

June 6, 2011
Aunt Lizzy decided to treat everyone to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie. She sent a text to see if anyone was going to come, and no one responded. She then sent a text that she was buying 20 tickets, and who ever responded first could have the ones her family didn't use. She got a lot of responses then :).
Rylee, Jada, Brayden, Dawson, Daxton, Austin and Jack

She also said it was the amazing race. She bought two $25 gift cards for the theater. Who ever got there first and found them won them!
Jada was the first winner!!
Jack won the second, even though he cheated!!
It was okay though because we just used both cards to buy popcorn, drinks and candy for everyone to share. It was so much fun. Twenty six of us ended up going!
Here is the provider of fun... Aunt Lizzy!!
We must always have a picture of the cutest baby Taden!
Back Row: Jim, Corey, Jack, Austin, Lizzy, Taden, Tahnee, Lorrin, Raghu
Front Row: Marlene, Sam, Kennedy, Dax, Brayden, Rylee, Taylor S., Me, Dawson, Jada, Jessica Grandma H., Erica, Becky

We all owe a big thanks to Uncle Brian and Aunt Lizzy!! They are awesome and always taking care of everyone.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hindu Ceremony

June 5, 2011
Finally, the long awaited Hindu ceremony. It was very long, but neat to see how hindu's perform their wedding ceremonies. It is a very casual atmosphere. They want the kids to be running around and playing. Sure wish Dawson would have done this. Instead he stuck right by my side and threw fits the whole time! Literally the whole time :/. I was very worn out by the end.
The Bride and Mother of the Bride
This was the Bride and her parents part
The Groom and his Uncle
This part of the ceremony the Groom has to apologize to the Brides father for somehow offending the Bride.
My cute Jada Babe, and my cute nephew Taden
She is so beautiful!
The Brides awesome parents!!
Paying their respect to their elders...
My Family!
The father of the Bride was supposed to take his shirt off and chase the Groom. Hmmm.....
What a neat experience to see this Hindu ceremony. Wow... all the festivities are over. Now what will we do with ourselves? I am sure we will find things to keep ourselves going non stop!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jessica's Mehndi Party

June 4, 2011
The Indian version of a bridal shower is a Mehndi party. The bride gets henna tattoo's up her hands, arms, feet and legs. Everyone at the party is suppose to give the bride advice about how to keep her husband happy. This party was very fun, but also a very long process.

Jessica being worked on...
It really looked amazing!
It is crazy how steady the artists hand was...
My turn...
Jessica's friend Tierra did mine,
she did just as good a job as the actual Indian henna artist!
Jess and Tierra
This is Mine and Elora's hands
The mother of the bride finally had had enough after a wedding the night before, and a 6 hour Mehndi party. We had to leave our henna on for 4 - 5 hours :/. Jessica about died. She needed to go to the bathroom so bad. When she finally did, the henna rubbed off a bit on her garments, and it looked like duck poop. We were all sooo tired we were laughing so hard! Then when we finally started peeling off the henna, it looked like mouse poop. All I can say, is henna is very interesting stuff. When it came off it looked light orange, and we all thought it looked like we had drawn on ourselves with wide tipped Crayola markers :). Yet again we were laughing our heads off! When we woke up the next morning it had gotten very dark.

Jessica was very upset, because her new husband left her at her moms house all day the first day after they were married. He was very busy helping his family prepare for the Hindu ceremony which was the next morning. We tried to cheer her up by taking her to Taco Time (she was craving a bean burrito), and then took her to Family Dollar :). No we are not a white trash family, but I had to pick up a toy gun that Dawson was freaking out about having. Poor Jess, what a way to spend your first day after you get married!
Jess thought she would pick up a little something for Raghu while we were at Family Dollar :). Once again we were all laughing so hard! We all looked like white trash especially since most of us didn't even have shoes on when we went in the store.

While the girls had the Mehndi party, all the boys went shooting. See our family isn't white trash :). Family Dollar and shooting is normal activities for any family wedding celebrations!!
Jack, Corey, Brian, Austin, Brayden, Dawson, Dax and Dave
"Would you look at that..."
What a good lookin boy I have!
Remember the earlier photo of the mother of the bride loosing it? Now the father of the bride is loosing it! We are in trouble we still have another ceremony!!

Well, the groom finally showed up at about 10 pm, so we decided to have them open their presents since alot of us were there. We were out of our minds since we had to be to the Hindu ceremony at 9 am the next morning:/.
These two were such good sports,
they definitely did not have a typical wedding!
Look how tired every one is...
Such a good maid of honor keeping track of all the gifts!
Lizzy, Jada, Grandma Hamilton, Laura and Taylor B.
Elora and Taylors gift to the happy couple was a puppy! Elora hurried and wrapped Henna up in some tissue paper and bow and handed her to Jess and Raghu... just to make it official!

Wow... another crazy long day!! I am so glad that we could be there with Jess and Raghu through all this craziness :). Luv ya guys!!