Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Has Finally Sprung...

 March 26, 2013  
(Dawson, Ryan, Shawn and Weston)
Spring has finally sprung, and so has Dawson's ambition.  He has been dying to have a sale, and has been waiting for it to finally warm up.  He came running in one day so happy to let me know his plans, and more importantly that he was the manager :).  He said, "aren't you proud of me mom... I'm the manager!".  I am so proud of you little buddy, you are amazing!
He had this clipboard, and he was making big plans.  On one side he wrote down every kid that wanted in on the sale...
On the other side he wrote down exactly what each person was in charge of :).  I think there is a great manager inside that little body.  One day he is going to make the big bucks in management :).  He is already developing those skills.  He had big plans for this sale... Toys, Candy, Hot Dogs, Koolaid.  Wow, I got a headache just thinking about all of it, but no need for me to worry he had it all covered :).
Well, the warm weather finally arrived, by warm I mean it was 45 degrees.  It was time for the sale to take place, he couldn't wait any longer.  Not all the kids helped, and not all the items planned were sold, but he was just happy to be able to finally do it :).
Just look at all those amazing treasures!!  He sold some Easter candy that he had gotten at the Wicky Bash.  I was sure to hurry and buy up the yummy pieces :).  Also, notice the awesome Angry Bird toy.  He was selling it for a dollar, but one of the neighbor kids said he only had .80 and would Dawson take .80 and 2 awesome pencils.  Dawson agreed, and that kid ran away with the biggest smile on his face :).
Let the sale begin...
I loved their signs they made to get people to stop...
"Come on, Come on!"
All together these boys made $8.  They were pretty happy to walk away with two dollars each :).  I am so proud of Dawson, he will someday become quite a successful man.  How could he not when he has such great organizational skills and follow through!! 
Along with our balmy 45 degree weather comes another fun summer surprise... yep the Ice cream man!!  Dawson came running into the house in search of money because he could here the music of this awesome van in the distance.  Sure enough it brought a lot of the neighbor kids running.
Nothing better in a kids mind, than an over priced ice cream :)
Dawson was so happy to have made his purchase, but so embarrassed that I wanted to get a picture :).  I love his look in this picture.  You would think my kids would be used to me always taking pictures by now...  I am so happy Spring is finally on its way, and I just love my cute little guy!!
I sure do love ya buddy :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

 March 31, 2013
The Easter Bunny has come!!  However, we have church at 9 am.  Since I was up till 3 am getting everything ready, I convinced everyone we had to wait till after church for the hunt.  I know I am such a mean mom.  This was especially hard on Dawson :(.   The Easter Bunny had left a box cereal,so they got a yummy treat before church!
I wanted to get a picture of all the kids after church, but they started to undress before I could get to them :(.
 So this is all I got...
At least my Jada Babe let me get a picture of her in her new Easter outfit :)
She looked so cute!
Finally getting to come see their Easter baskets...
We are so lucky, the Easter Bunny left two good movies this year...


 and filled the baskets with yummy treats!!

 The hunt is on....
 Even Elvis got in on our hunt this year :)
Dax decided it was okay to pause for a moment during the hunt as long as it was for a good picture of him :)

 The hunt is over, and it is time to check out the spoils...

 What is that in Brayden's basket???
He found a special egg on the hunt, that said it was for all the Starkey Kids...
there was a note that said to go look out in the garage???
Yep, thats right, the Easter Bunny left a new trampoline!  Last spring ours had finally seen its last days.  So the kids went all last summer without one.  They asked for a new one all the time.  Even though all the neighbors have one, I like to have one so that I can watch the kids out in our backyard.  The kids were so excited!!
Everyone was so excited that Dave could not say no to getting it up immediately, even though he had to work that night.  He is such a great Dad!
Dawson and Dax found a good use for the box...
It was the perfect Spring day, a perfect Easter!  Dawson thought it was so perfect that it was time to pull out the water gun :).
Getting some wrestling in before the net went on...
Finally done, and time to break it in!
The start of many balls going over the fence :(.  Dawson is like a monkey and can scale the fence and back in seconds flat!
Another great Easter here and gone...
We are so blessed!!!