Saturday, May 21, 2011


May 21, 2011
Finally a nice day! This has been a horrible cold, wet spring. Today was so nice Dave suggested we go to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point instead of yard work :). It was perfect, not to hot and not to cold. I was so happy to be spending such a beautiful day with my family!
We missed the Tulip Festival,
but the gardens were still amazing
Dave and Jada had fun getting pictures of the flowers. I thought I would post some of these awesome pictures through out this post!
I am so blessed :)
I love all their faces in this picture, so funny!
Such a good lookin' guy...
The boys...The colors were amazing!
Checking out the carp, this was after a 20 minute break for Dawson to throw a huge fit. Yep, he decided he wanted a Star Wars umbrella. He started thinking about his friend Gentry's umbrella and thought he needed one right then :(. It's okay though... we survived!
The girls...
If you click on this picture and look at it bigger it is so funny. We shrunk Dax and I was holding him in the palm of my hand :).
Little did we know when we took this cute picture of our baby, that he had a few more fits in store for us. He sure keeps things fun!
I sure do love this guy!
The kids were so good, but at the end they were very ready to go. It was Saturday and they really wanted to be hanging out with their friends. Can you tell Dax was ready to go?
Such an awesome day!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dawson's Preschool Field Trip to the Dinosaur Museum

May 10, 2011
Dawson and I had such a great time together at his field trip to the Dinosaur Museum. He was counting down the days. He really wanted to be able to ride over with his friends and not just me, so we rode with Haley and Gentry and their moms. Everything was working out just perfectly for Dawson :)
Haley, Gentry and Dawson
This picture is so funny because he looks so serious,
but really he was so happy!
Dawson, Ollie, Gentry and Haley
Dawson could not ask for better friends!
Awe....Best Buds!
Dawson thought it was so cool to see someone working on bones!
Lincoln and Dawson
Hudson, Lincoln, Ollie Dawson and A.J.
He got to hold a Trilobite Fossil...
He even held a live Madagascar Cockroach :/
Dawson always gets a bit nervous by this ginormous sea turtle. He was so proud of how close he got to it this time :).
Dawson and Gentry both got a Dinosaur claw necklace from the gift shop...
Fighting with their claws...
Luv this picture!
I love my little guy so much.
I can not believe his preschool days are winding down :(.
On our way home, Dawson was wanting to stay with his friends so I asked him if he wanted his friends to come to our house to hang out and have lunch. Dawsons response, "BEST DAY EVER!" He is always so happy when his friends come and play at our house.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Am The Luckiest Mom...

May 8, 2010
What a great husband and kids I have. For my Mother's Day gift they went and picked out flowers and planted them in my flower pots. Oh how I love flowers on my porch. They did such a good job.
They are so beautiful!!
I have been dying for spring to come. I can not take much more cold weather, so I am so happy when I can finally put flowers out :). Infact, I have been so depressed that my kitchen window sill has become some what of a garden...
We are growing beans, a pile of dandelions (Dawson brought them to me, and now they are dead), lego's and cucumbers :)
This is my lego garden,
Dawson built it for me to take away my winter blues!

I love all my flowers soooo much! I am the luckiest Mom in the world. Thank you so much guys. I love you all!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hope of America!

May 4, 2011
Here is our awesome Brady Boy, he is such a good kid...
We got to attend Brayden's Hope of America program last night. It is always so awesome to see a huge American Flag made up from hundreds of Utah elementary kids.It is an awesome program that really brings out the patriotic spirit. It always gives me goose bumps, and makes me cry. I know that is a big surprise that I cried...
Brayden was on the very back row of the blue shirts,
and he was three over from the left.
They sang a song about being a light to the world, and turned off the lights and they each had a flashlight they waved around. It looked amazing!
I had to get pictures afterwords, and even Dave said I was embarrassing him :(. What is wrong with my family? Why is it such a horrible thing to get a picture taken? Oh well, to bad guys it is not going to end. I love all my pictures of you guys!!
Daxton had scouts so he did not get to come with us...
we missed you Dax:(
We are so glad we got to see this. It would have been even better if the traffic was not so horrible. It took us 40 minutes to go about 1 mile last night :(. Brayden did an awesome job!
Luv ya buddy!!