Thursday, August 27, 2009

*** Brayden's Real 9th Birthday ***

August 26, 2009

Yesterday was Brayden's 9th birthday, my how time flies. We already celebrated early before school started, but we saved some of his presents for his real birthday. So he kind of got 2 parties. Last night we invited my Mom, Becky (sister), Elora (niece), Taylor (Elora's Fiance), & James (nephew) to come have a BBQ and celebrate Brayden's birthday. Brayden was so excited to have everyone come. He said he kept thinking about his birthday all day at school. He just could not stop thinking about it, and could not wait for everyone to get here.

First James and Taylor took Brayden and Daxton to the skate park in Eagle Mountain. They had so much fun. Then we had a very yummy BBQ. I must brag on Dave a bit. He is such a great cook, and excellent at BBQing. He made very yummy chicken & steak, and very very good potatoes. We also had delicious corn and watermelon from the Harward Corn stand (it doesn't get much better than Harward corn). After dinner we opened Brayden's presents, and had cake....well cupcakes! Brayden requested cupcakes. Then to finish the night, we made smores over our fire pit! We really had a lot of fun!!

Dave, Brayden, Elora, Taylor, Grandma (my mom), & Aunt Becky

Dawson & Jada
He looks like he is break dancing!

This was Brayden's favorite gift from Becky's family. They gave him a guitar case!

My cute Brayden.... I just love him so much! He is such a great kid. He is so funny, just like his dad. He is always making me laugh. He loves to be by me, and I love that he does. He is very good at sharing, and an incredible artist. I am so blessed to have Brayden in my life! I love you so much Brayden. Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

*** Pockets ??? ***

August 25, 2009

So I was just sorting the laundry while talking to my sister, when I came across a pair of Brayden's pants. I started pulling things from his pockets, and telling my sister about everything I was finding. It never ceases to amaze me what kids can fit in their little pockets.

Well I thought I need to post a blog about this, because it is so funny to me. Brayden is the biggest pocket loader in our family. It is always an adventure to check his pockets. He has so many wonderful treasures!! Here is a picture of the treasures that I found today!!

It was a great laundry day! I found the Swedish Fish stuck to the bum of the storm trooper...Ha...Ha... Ya gotta luv kids!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

*** My Early Birthday Present :) ***

August 23, 2009

Ever since we built our deck, I have been wanting a fire pit to put on it. Well, Dave and the kids got me an early birthday present! They got me a gas fire pit. It is so awesome. I wanted one that you don't have to build a fire every time you use it, and you don't walk away smelling like smoke. It is perfect, and very cute I might add. I am so very excited! They got the perfect present. They gave it to me early so we could actually get some use out of it this year.

We put the fire pit to good use last night..... we made smores :)! It was so much fun. I think this present will bring many fun memories! I am just loving our deck and all the fun things we have got for it!!

My cute Family!

Dawson is so funny, he loves roasting marshmallows!
He is constantly saying, "us use tirepit?"
(No that is not a misspelled word, that is how he says firepit!)

I discovered the timer button on my camera, so I can be in a few pictures!


Dave & Jada

My cuties keeping warm!

Evidence that Dawson really enjoyed his smore!!

The whole time we were roasting marshmallows, Brayden kept talking about the who had roasted the most perfect marshmallow. Well, it was definitely Brayden. He worked very hard to get it perfect! Behold..... the next 3 images are the most Perfectly Roasted Marshmallow Ever!!

Here it is in all it's perfection :)
Good Job Brayden!!!

After it was pulled of the roasting stick... notice just how melted the inside is!

Jada was the lucky recipient of the perfect mallow!

We had a great evening!! Thanks for my present guys, it's the best. I luv ya guys!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brayden's 9th Birthday Party!

August 17, 2009

Once again I am behind on my posts. On Monday, we celebrated Braydens 9th birthday early. His birthday is not till August 26, but he wanted to celebrate before school started. He choose to go to Classic Family Fun Center, and he brought his friend Tyler with us.

What a day! We spent 6 hours at Classic. There was so much to do there, the kids did not want to leave.

First we went skating! Some skated or rollerbladed, and others used scooters:

The Birthday Boy!

Brayden got really good at skating, he was even jumping on his skates. Even I skated :/. It was quite a sight to behold! It has been a long time, and it really hurt my shins. Plus I ran over Dawson on his scooter and fell :(. I was just trying to be a fun mom, and participate instead of just watching. I guess I learned my lesson!

Next the kids played on the Jungle Gym & Bounce Houses:

Jada and Dawson

The whole group making the climb!

I guess they can all say they made it to the top of Everest!

Dawson kept up with all the older kids. He wasn't scared of anything :)

Then it was on to spending tokens on games, getting tickets & redeeming tickets:

The beloved tickets!

Redeeming tickets....this was my most dreaded time of the day!
I can not believe how long it can take kids to pick out prizes :/

Finally lunch time:

Dawson looks so tired, but he kept going for another 31/2 hours!

I finally got the kids to slow down long enough to eat some lunch. We got pizza from their snack bar. Word to the wise if you are ever at Classic, THEIR PIZZA IS NASTY! I put that all in caps, I really want to emphasis just how nasty it is. I guess we were all starving, because most of it was eaten. This surprised me, because even the kids commented on how yuck it was.

Next it was on to the Waterslides & Kiddy Pool:

Everyone really enjoyed being in the water, even though the weather was not that warm. I even braved the waterslides holding Dawson. It went way faster than I thought it would, so Dawson and I only did the slides once.

Finally they roller skated for a bit longer, and then we headed for home. Dave made us dinner. Brayden requested Garlic Chicken and yummy Red Potatoes. After dinner, we opened presents! We only gave Brayden half of his presents, and saved the rest for his real birthday.

Brayden got an awesome pair of Vans, a guitar strap, 2 sets of the Chunky Galactic Star Wars Guys, a stuffed animal Zebra, a tech deck skate board and a tech deck dude. He was very excited!
After we opened his gifts, we watched a movie and had lots of treats. We watched Inkheart!

I think Brayden had a great day. It was a nonstop day of fun!! I want Brayden to know how much I love him! Happy Early Birthday Brayden!

*** First Day of School ***

August 20, 2009

I am so sad :(, yes it is that time of year again..... another school year is here. Usually I am ready for the kids to go back, but not this year. This summer went by so fast. We didn't even go on a trip, but we had a lot of fun day activities. We were constantly out doing things. It was so nice to not have a schedule we had to stick to. I am sure I will enjoy being back on a schedule, but I am still missing summer :(. The kids were not looking forward to going back to school either, except they were excited to wear their new school clothes.

Daxton 8th Grade

Jada 5th Grade

Brayden 4th Grade

I had to get a picture with Dawson (3 yrs), he had on new clothes also.
He was very excited!

I hope we all have a great year, and can make it through another school year without to much homework! Especially homework that the parents have to basically do for the kids. Ha...Ha.... That was for all you moms who know what I am talking about :).

I want my kids to know how proud of them I am. They do so well in school. They are hard workers. I love you guys!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daxton's 13th Birthday Party

I know I already blogged about Dax turning 13, but now I am going to blog about his party. I am really behind in updating my blog. His birthday is July 18th, but we celebrated on July 21st, so I am a bit behind. This was the year to just have a fun outing with our family and 1 friend. Daxton decided to go to Boondocks, and brought his friend Josh!! We had such a great time!

We were at Boondocks for a little over 5 hours :\...we were all very tired by the time we left. We got unlimited wrist bands, so the kids got to do everything!!

First they chose to ride the bumper boats. It was very fun, but they got very wet. The boats have guns that shot water, so the kids were chasing each other all over. After the first ride on the boats I asked if Dawson could ride with Dax, and they let him :). He was so happy. He really enjoyed squirting everyone!

Dax & Jada



Dax & Dawson

Let the drenching begin!

Dax & Jada getting soaked!

After the kids finished on the boats, we moved on to the race cars. Jada and Brayden rode the smaller cars, and Dax and Josh rode the bigger slick track cars. All I have to say is good thing we still have a few years before these kids get their licenses. Josh spun out, and they kicked him off the cars for good :(. It wasn't even his fault.

Get ready...Get set...Go!!

Jada & Brayden racing!

Daxton & Josh preparing for the big race!

Notice Daxton chose a Pink Princess car :)
Thats our Dax, very comfortable in his style!!

Watch out comes Dax!

Poor Dawson had to do a lot of watching :(

Unfortunately for me, my camera batteries died after these activities (maybe that is fortunate for anyone who reads my blog). We did a lot of fun activities I did not get to take pictures of. After the cars, we went and played laser tag. I asked if Dawson could go in with the kids, and they said yes :). Dawson had the time of his life. He did not stop talking about the guns the rest of the night. Next it was on to miniature golf, then the 3d motion rides, lots of arcade games.... finally back to the bumper boats! Yes they got soaked for the ride home.

I hadn't made a cake yet, so Dave talked Dax into getting Frostys at 11:30 at night in place of cake. Then in true Starkey style, we stopped and bought wrapping paper at 11:30. Wrapped Dax's presents until after midnight, and finished opening presents at almost 1am. I know.... we really are crazy people. Actually, I like to think we just know how to party :). We do things at all hours of the night!!

Dax getting ready to unwrap!

Dax with all his presents!

Dax got a guitar strap, a skinny tie, a watch, a vneck shirt, a fedora hat, a Jack Johnson music book, a pair of awesome Vans, and an airsoft gun with extra bullets. He really got lucky this year. I think Dax had a great birthday!! We all had such a great time at Boondocks.

Happy 13th birthday Dax!! Luv ya buddy!