Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Five Good Friends and Hot Dogs....

August 23, 2010

We celebrated Brayden's 10th birthday a few days early, because it fell the day after school started :(. Poor Brayden, he really hates that his birthday always falls right before or right after school starts. So he wanted to take his friends up the canyon and have a hot dog roast. So we went up American Fork Canyon. This turned out awesome! Brayden and his friends had such a great time. They were hiking all over, playing by the water, and each brought a pocket knife to whittle with. Doesn't this sound like heaven for boys!
Our happy 10 year old

The decorating for this party was easy!

The treat bags

The cake...
It was easier to do cupcakes for up the canyon.
Don't be jealous of my awesome cake decorating skills... Ha...Ha

Everyone was ready to party

from left to right: Jada, Dax, Alex, Dawson, Jacob, Ethan, Tyler, Brayden and Eric

The guys :)

They don't look like trouble do they?

Yes those are Heely's, and no I am not happy about them.
Unfortunately, that is all Brayden wanted for his birthday, so we gave in.
He was so excited because we kept telling him no that they are to dangerous.
So he was very surprised!

Dave let Dax help start the fire.
They did a good job :)
Daxton was such a big help with this party. I love having older kids!

My awesome family!
Time for roasting the hot dogs

We did smores also. I think with the cupcakes we didn't need them,
but you can't have a fire and not make smores!

Doin' what boys do best!

It was a great party, all the boys had a great time. The mountains were beautiful, and it was relaxing for me. It was the least stressful party I have ever done for my kids. Brayden kept coming up to me and telling me, "thanks so much mom! This is the best party ever!" I am so glad that he loved it so much. Happy Birthday Brayden! We love you, and feel very blessed you came to our family. You are so much like Dad, and you are always making me laugh!! Love ya

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jada's Luau

August 14, 2010

Happy 12th birthday to our Jada Babe!! It is crazy that our daughter is now in Young Womens, were has the time gone. We were in Tennessee on her birthday, so we had to celebrate it late. We decided to do a luau, and have a water fight. It was so much fun!

Our 12 year old birthday girl...

The birthday cake...

The birthday treats...

Each girl got fingernail polish, treats and a silly band...

The decorations...

all the awesome friends... finally ready to party!

front row: Ally, Jada and Savanna
back row: Sydney, Kaitlin, Kiley, Cassidy, Clairissa and Kiana

Let the games begin...
A hula hoop contest

Musical Beach towels

and finally the limbo :)

Present time!

Jada and Savanna

Jada and Ally

Jada and Kiana

Jada and Kiley

Jada and Sydney

Jada and Kaitlin

Jada and Cassidy

Jada with her two awesome cousins:
Sam and Kennedy

Jada and Clairissa

Jada and Dawson

and of course Jada and Paisley
(she is our cute little neighbor, basically family)

Let the unwrapping begin

I know she is probably too old for Littlest Pet Shops, but I keep buying them.
I think the collection is really for me :). I just love them!

Happy birthday to Jada... Happy birthday to Jada...

Finally it was time for the water fight...
This was the funnest part of the party!

Dave just sat there with the hose and sprayed everyone

Dad has never had so much fun at one of the kids parties!
He says he was just trying to help everyone stay cool, but we all know the truth...
he was having too much fun!

Aloha everyone!


Three hours of partying... I thought it was never going to end :/. It was such a fun party, and Jada has such great friends! Happy Birthday Jada. We love you so, so much. We are very blessed to have you in our family :).