Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ice Castles

February 6, 2010

So I kept seeing peoples blogs about the ice castles up in Midway, so we decided to go see them for ourselves. Wow... they were amazing!! It was very cold, but incredibly beautiful. Dave had to go to Heber for work, so we decided it was a great time to go see them. First we went and ate dinner at the restaurant that has the train going around in it. Dawson absolutely loved it. (I got the idea for this restaurant from one of my friends blogs).

Next on to the ice castles. Daxton did not want to come with us, he instead wanted to hang with his friends :(. I hate that my kids are getting older. I am sure this was one of the first of many activities with out him.

Happy, frozen family (minus 1) :(
We missed you Dax.
I wish my camera took better pictures. These pictures do not do it justice.

No, this is not Dawson's coat... I forgot his coat (I am a great mom). It all worked out, Brayden didn't want to wear his so he let Dawson wear it. What a good big brother!

Dawson wanted to take some pictures... he actually did a great job!
(He took both these pictures.)

Notice that Brayden and Dave were not in many of these pictures :(. Brayden is getting too old to be in pictures, or so he thinks. As for Dave... he never wants to be in pictures. They are both little stinks. When I say stinks, I literally mean stinks (for Dave anyway). I hope this little story I am about to tell does not offend... ha...ha... Anyway, I am walking around, and we had all kind of separated looking at things on our own. All of a sudden I hear a women say, "someone must have forgotten their Bean-O today!" Having been married to Dave for so long, I knew she must be talking about my husband. I could not believe it. So I find him and ask if he just farted? Of course he did! He was laughing so hard. He thought no one was around, so he let one rip. Unfortunately there was a woman not to far behind him :(. So he grabs Brayden and walks back to an area we had already been through behind the lady, hoping she wouldn't know it was him. It was a great plan, until Brayden says loudly, "but Dad... we have already been through this part". So much for Daves great plan. Maybe he will learn to make a full circle before he lets one :)

Anyway, embarrassing moment aside, we did have a great time. It was amazing! Not to mention Dave gave us a great story, and made our outing unforgettable :).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Baby :(

February 24, 2009

I just love my littlest guy so much. He has been very cute lately, and he is about to turn 4. That is the reason for the sad smiley in the title. Time is getting away from me so quickly, and I am losing my baby :(.

So this morning I had just gotten out of
the shower, and in walks my littlest guy with his sleepy eyes. He had just woke up, and came to tell me good morning. He said, "good morning mommy. I just love you." :) There is nothing quite like a sweet good morning like that. It made my day!! So I picked him up, and sat down and held him and cuddled as long as he would let me. It hit me really hard that I am not going to get too many more moments as awesome as this. He is going to get too big, and not want his mommy to cuddle him :( He is the last, so my cuddling days will be coming to an end. So I will take what I can get, and fully appreciate each one.

Anyway, another cute moment from him. On Sunday night Uncle Lorrin and Aunt Tahnee came over to hang out. We were watching a movie, and half way through I went to put the kids to bed. Well Dawson was very upset. He felt he should be allowed to hang out late with the adults. After many threats, Dawson went to bed. Or so I thought.... Forty Five minutes later when our company went to leave, there was Dawson asleep on the stairs. He was laying across one of them. We are so lucky he did not fall down the stairs :/. It was so darn cute to see. So obviously I had to get pictures.

Our cute littlest guy!

I just love this guy!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 5 of our Cruise :)

Day 5
(Roatan, Hondorus)

Wow...all we could say was Wow!! This is what we pictured tropical islands looking like :). Roatan was beautiful, even though it poured down rain the entire day. We didn't mind because we were going to be snorkeling and scuba diving. However, when I say it poured I am not kidding. It was sheets of rain, you were soaked the minute you stepped foot off of the ship.

We did not have any excursions planned this day, but Brian had already been here so he kind of knew where to go. We went to an island resort called Fantasy Island. It was incredibly beautiful.

Welcome to Fantasy Island
De Plane....De Plane..... Ha....Ha....

They had an incredible beach at this resort. It was awesome! Imagine how beautiful it would have been on a clear and sunny day. We could just imagine laying on these beds getting a massage. Too bad it was rainy :(.

Dave and Brian were going diving, so Liz and I went out with them on their boat to snorkel out in open water. Yes I was scared to death, they all made me go. Remember this trip was the first time I snorkeled, and I was scared enough snorkeling off shore. Being out in open water was almost more than I could handle. It was fun, but I was just sure I would turn around too see a shark coming for me. Not to mention it was thundering louder than I have ever heard, and lightening while we were in the ocean. Is that a good combination? I kept asking Liz if we should go back to the boat, and she would say we are fine and dive down again. I was really scared when the ocean got really choppy, and I poked my head up and could not see Liz anywhere :(. Finally I spotted her off in the distance, and swam over to her. I tried to stay right by her after that. I know I am a freak, like Liz was going to be able to save me when the shark attacked :?. Even with all my anxiety, it was a blast.

Our hotties getting ready to go diving!

You can see how choppy the water was starting to get.

These are some pictures from our dive boat

It was so beautiful!

On the way back to shore, our boat got stuck on a sand bar. I was thinking oh crap, are we going to miss our ship (even though we still had a couple of hours before the ship would leave). Finally we got unstuck, and made it back. It had been raining so hard the streets were rivers. It was flooding really bad. So our taxi was waiting for us, but as we left the resort the taxi died. Yes, what are the odds of getting stuck and our taxi dying? So the guys got out to see if they could help. Finally another car came and gave us a jump. The other car left, we all climbed back in the taxi and it died again :(. I said maybe if we wait for a bit it will start again. We waited, and sure enough it started again :). I am so wise, ha...ha... I think the taxi was just to wet from all the flooding.

Another one of Dave's famous looks :)
Luv it!

Everyone trying to help fix the taxi

Liz and I decided to take a few more modeling pictures. Ha..Ha..

When we got back to port, Liz and I wanted to go shop in the little village. Dave went back to the ship, and Brian went with us. He said we could not go by ourselves. It would have been scary with out him with us. It was so crazy. The port is gated, and the minute you walk out the gate you get attacked by kids. They are every where. Trying to sell you bracelets for a dollar, or just asking for a dollar. They were so cute. Liz and I probably spent at least $20 each on handing out one dollar bills. They were following us every where. It was so sad to see what these people live in. They have little shacks, and lean to's with dirt floors. Then there was a huge mansion in the middle of all the shacks. We asked the taxi driver who lived in the mansion? It was the governor. It was crazy. Hey at least their government officials are taken care of :(.

When we got back to port after our diving and snorkeling, it stopped raining for a bit. So we got some pictures in port.

This was our taxi driver Dario

These were some of the kids that swarmed us asking for money!

This is Thomas, Liz and Brian paid him to be our guide :)

We would all love to go back here some time :). Maybe spend a week instead of a few hours. Anyway, it was a great day! Beautiful island, and the people were all very friendly.