Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

May 8, 2016

This was definitely my best Mother's Day ever!!  Jada and Dave woke up and made me French Toast even when we had 9 am church.  It was so good!  French Toast is my favorite.  Then we went to church, and Jada had dropped of Brayden early to save a seat.  So when I got up there Brayden wasn't in the bench.  So I told Jada I was going to go find him.  She pointed to the stand, and there he was. He was giving a talk about Mother's and they decided to surprise me and not let me know.  I was sure surprised.  It was so fun to hear him speak on Mother's Day.  He did a great job!  It was short but sweet.  Out of the three boys that spoke, he was the only one that said Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!!!  Oh man, made my day :).  Thanks Brady Boy!!  I sure do love you too.

Also in sacrament meeting, Dave made me a boat, Jada made me a finger hat, and Dawson made me an airplane.  They all made them out of gum wrappers, ha ha!  They are so good to me on Mother's Day :).   So when we got home from church they gave me their real gifts.  I got a really cute copper wind spinning decoration for the garden, a cute wood wall plaque that I had been wanting.  Also, Jada gave me the movie The Intern, and Dawson gave me some nail polish and a candy bar.  He also gave me one of those cute questionnaires that they fill in the blank on.  It was super cute.  They really out did themselves this year.

Dawson is so funny.  He wrapped my gift of nail polish and candy bar in 24 different bags.  The first bag was sealed with two rubberbands, and on top of the two rubberbands was a TON scotch tape.  I pealed off one bag after another.  I was laughing so hard!!  He is such a funny guy!!

After church we waited and waited to hear from Dax in Argentina...
I kept listening and listening for the Ipad to start ringing, and nothing... Finally I went to check it and we had missed a call from Dax :(.  Someone had turned the ringer off.  I was freaking out! I tried to call him back and he didn't answer.  Then he called us back.  Unfortunately, we had some problems with the sound.  He was having problems on his end.  After about 30 min, we finally got a good connection.  He had told me he could only talk to us for 40 minutes.  I was so mad :(.  However, we ended up talking for about an hour.  I will take an hour.  I have always tried to get him to talk for longer, but he is too obedient.  What a good missionary!  It was so great to see my boy!!  This is the last Skype that we will have with Dax.  His release date is December 27, and he doesn't want to Skype with us two days before he gets home.  So crazy that the next time we see him will be face to face :)  He has exactly 232 more days.  Time is going VERY SLOW for me, but Dax says it is going so fast for him.  I am so glad that he is happy and loving his mission.

When it was time to get off with Dax, he asked if we could end with a family prayer.  Dave asked Dawson to say it, and he did not want too but finally agreed.  It was so sweet.  Dawson started to cry right when he started to pray.  So obviously I started to cry.  I was trying so hard not to cry this time because I know it makes it so hard on Dax.  So when the prayer was done Dax said he was going to hang up quickly.  He was trying not to cry.  It is always so great to see and visit with my missionary, but man is it hard when we have to hang up!  

After talking with Dax, we hurried over to Grandma Hamilton's for a Mother's Day dinner.  Wendy planned and made the whole meal.  She made roast, and it was delicious.  Roast is my most favorite dinner :).  It was so nice of Wendy to do all of that on her Mother's Day.  We had a good time visiting with everyone.  

Like I said, this was an awesome Mother's Day.  I sure do love my family, they are so good to me.

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Littlest Guy Is Growing Way To Fast...

February 15, 2016

Wow, my littlest guy is growing way to fast!  He had his friends Jackson and Jeremy spend the night, and they decided they wanted to make pancakes on their own.  He is only nine years old, so I told him NO repeatedly, but Dawson does not give up.  He is very persistent.  Hopefully that trait will serve him well one day :).  I finally thought, I am a mean mom to not let him try something that he wants so badly to try.  So I got over thinking about the mess that would be created, and agreed to let them.  I am so glad I did.  He was so happy, and so proud of himself.  They actually made really good pancakes.  I guess I have to let them learn some time.  I guess he will be better prepared for his mission by starting at such a young age :).

They had a lot of fun together...

They brought us all breakfast in bed.
Jada was very happy :)

Dawson had so much fun that later that night he wanted to make pancakes again...

He is becoming quite a pro already :)...

He wanted to make his pancakes look exactly like the picture on the pancake mix bag.  I would say he did a great job!  They look exactly the same.  It is crazy to me how fast my kids are growing up.  I can not believe that my baby will be ten in a few weeks.  Dawson is so grown up.  He always wants to try doing things on his own.  He is very independent.  I sure do love my baby!!  Although it is hard for me to let him grow up, I guess it has to happen.  I sure do love ya Dawson!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jada's Sweethearts Dance 2016

February 13, 2016 

Jada and Colby...
So Jada went on her first real date.  It was a girls choice dance, and she wasn't going to go but her friend talked her in to asking one of our neighbors.  One of the other girls in the group was taking Colby's friend, so they thought it would be fun to have Jada ask Colby.  Jada looked so beautiful!! We looked for a dress for a LONG time.  She was very excited about her choice. We found the perfect shoes and accessories to go with it.  

So for their day date they went to a place called Provo Beach Resort.  They went bowling, they got to do the indoor surfing, and play laser tag.  Jada was worried about trying the surfing, but she did it and had fun.  She said she stayed up longer than the other girls.  Well, Colby didn't talk to Jada hardly at all.  He just kept leaving and hanging out with his friend :(.  Not to mention he had his earphones in the whole time listening to music :(.  The group was going to go get ice cream after the girls got dressed from surfing, but Colby and his friend went and got ice cream while the girls were getting ready :(.  Oh, lets not forget him talking to her about her friend Arienne and how much he likes her :(. Poor Jada babe!  She and Colby used to be friends so she thought they would have fun.  I guess he didn't really want to go, at least that is the impression she got from how he treated her :(.  Thank goodness the girls in the group were good to her.  She at least had a lot of fun with them.

Savanna, Tyler, Cassidy, Tyler, Kiana, Matt, Jada, Colby, Melanie and Bryson

The beautiful girls...

The handsome men...

 A fun crazy group!!

 Homemade Cafe Rio Salads...

Beautiful friends!

I am sad that poor Jada didn't have a very good experience for her first date, but I am very grateful for kind girls who made sure that it wasn't worse by being kind and helping her to have fun.  I sure do love my beautiful Jada Babe!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines 2016

February 11 & 12, 2016

Making Dawson's Valentines box this year was a group effort.  I just started working for Lorrin at his new car dealership, and I am still working my morning crossing guard shift.  So between work and my commute, I am now gone from home 8 hours a day.  Needless to say, by the time I get home all the kids are wanting my attention, and with all the other every day things that come up our house is little by little falling apart.  So tonight as I started my mounds of laundry, Dawson decided that he wanted to make a box for his valentines.  Thank goodness for awesome older kids.  Brayden offered to help him.  Brayden came up with the idea for the box, and made the whole thing with a little help from Jada.  The box turned out amazing!!  I am so grateful for Brayden being willing to do this.  He has no idea how much this helped me.

Brayden was a little frustrated with me for taking so many pics.  He hates pictures.  Not to mention Dawson had a freak out and threatened to destroy the box, as usual he calmed down quickly and apologized and thanked Brayden and Jada for the awesome box.  

 Home from school with a full box of Valentines!!!

Valentines fell on a Sunday this year, so Dawson's school Valentines party was on Friday.  When they were making the box Dawson asked if I would have their big Valentines cookies and treats for them when they got home on Friday.  I told him no because Valentines was really on Sunday.  That did not sit well with him.  He freaked out and informed me it would not be a surprise if I made them while they were at home on Sunday.  He was adamant that I have them ready when he got home from school.  I even tried to help him realize that it wasn't really a surprise any way because he was telling me to make them :).  He was really upset that I wasn't planning on making them till Sunday.  So yes, to make my boy have a happy Valentines, I asked Lorrin if I could leave work a half an hour early to get home and have cookies ready.

Is this cookie big enough???  Ha, ha :)

Jada Babe
17 Years Old

Brady Boy
15 Years Old

9 Years Old

Everyone was excited about their cookies!!!

 My cute babies, minus our oldest.
We sure miss Dax, and it was sad not to make four giant cookies this year :(.
I guess I will be happy knowing at this time next year I will be making four!!!
Oh, I guess I should mention that Valentines is a special day this year for more than one reason...
Dax has officially been on his mission in Argentina for 13 months!!!

Dave's poor cookie... It is always smaller than the kids, but this year I ran out of frosting so it doesn't look so great.  However, this is not a reflection of my love for him :).  I have the best husband ever that always shows me how much he loves me.  There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't go out of his way to do kind things for me.  I sure do love him.  I am one lucky lady to have five amazing Valentines.  I love my family so much!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dawson's Fourth Grade Christmas Service Party...

December 19, 2015

For Dawson's fourth grade Christmas party, his teacher Mr. Young decided that the class would do a service project instead of a party.  I have to admit I was a little bummed for Dawson thinking he would not get a class party.  In the end it was a very awesome experience.  All the kids were asked to donate winter hats, gloves and scarves to take to the homeless shelter.  So for their party they all assembled the donations into little gift bags with a hat, gloves and scarf in each one. Dawson came home from school that day so excited about what they had done.  In the end, their service/party was as much fun as a regular Christmas party.  The kids really loved being able to give to those in need. At least these kids had the right attitude for this Christmas season, too bad I didn't :(.  All the kids donated so much, the teacher was overwhelmed by their generosity.  Dawson was so excited that they had three huge bags of donations!

The teacher thought it would be a good idea for any kids who wanted too to help take the donations to the homeless shelter.  The awesome room mom offered to take any kids with her.  So Dawson got to go and see just what it was like.

I am so glad that he went.  I think it put things into perspective for my little guy.  He said there were so many people and more importantly kids at the shelter.  It was surprising to him.  He was so sad for them, but very happy he was able to do something nice for them.

What a great idea Mr. Young had.  I know that this will be something that Dawson will remember for the rest of his life.  I love my cute Dawson, and how thoughtful he is.  He is always very aware of others, and tries to think of ways to help or make them happy.  I sure do love you Dawson :).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dawson's 9th Birthday

March 20, 2015
Poor Dawson, I was gone to my sisters reunion in Arizona on his actual birthday.  He was such a good sport about it.  Our sisters reunion was planned while I was out of town, so I didn't get a say in when it was.  It was also Taylors birthday while we were gone.  So James and Alyssa decided they wanted to throw a party for Dawson and Taylor. 
James and Alyssa are so nice.  They had the boys sleepover, took them to the nickle arcade, got them pizza and a cake, and had a Nerf gun war with them.  James and Alyssa had TONS of Nerf gun items. They has so much fun.  Then when it was time for the boys to go home, they let the boys divide up all their Nerf guns and ammo, and let them keep it.  Dawson was sooo dang excited!!  I still am in awe at everything these guys did for these boys.  It was a dream birthday, so obviously they didn't care that their moms were not there :).  Thanks James and Alyssa for being the BEST cousins in the world!!!  I know these boys will never forget this birthday.

Also on Dawsons actual birthday, he opened a gift from Daxton.  When Dax left the MTC, left a package with some things he didn't want to take with him to Argentina.  Included in that package was a birthday gift for Dawson.  It came a few weeks before his bday, so Dawson was dying to open it.  I tried to get him to wait till I got home from Arizona to open it, but Dawson would not wait another day.  So instead he facetimed me while he opened it.  
This is the package Dax sent from the MTC.  Dawson is holding the birthday package he sent for him.  It was wrapped in a girl scout cookie box :).  Such awesome wrapping paper from the MTC!  It was perfect.
 Dax gave him this little Book of Mormon with this cool little case.
Dax bought the same case for his scriptures :)
This is the cute note Dax sent with the gift.  Dawson was so excited that Dax remembered his birthday.  What a good big brother :).  Thank goodness all these awesome people came through for Dawson to make his special day awesome when his mom couldn't.  Dawson is one lucky guy!

We ended up celebrating and having a friend birthday party on March 20th.  After having such a fun Nerf gun party with James and Alyssa, and having receive a ton of Nerf Guns and ammo from them, he wanted to have another Nerf gun party.  Since it was March, it was way to cold to have a war outside, so I got the grand idea to reserve the church gym.  It was the best idea in the world.  It was so fun!! 
 All the party attendees:
Back row:  Jeremy, Jackson, Hudson, Ollie, Dawson, Shawn and Ryan
Ground: Clara and Hailey
Lucky boy, he has such great friends!
Just look at my beautiful Jada Babe...
There was so much work involved in getting this party ready and decorating.  I am so very grateful for Dave, Jada and Brayden.  They did sooo much to help me.  I could not have done it with out all of their help.  Thank goodness Jada has her drivers license.  Lets just say she had to make A LOT of trips back and forth between the house and the church.
The cute decorations...

Dawson's cake...

 The kids had so much playing with Brayden.  
It was so fun to have an older brother in on the war :) 
 The kids were CRAZY!!!

Dave made each of the kids their own blow dart guns out of PVC pipe.  They worked so good, and the kids loved them.  I got the idea off of Pinterest :).

 The blow dart guns were the hit of the party... 

Brayden could blow the dart so hard.  He thought it was super funny to keep hitting me.  He hit me so hard in my nose it seriously felt like it was broken.  I had to do everything in my power not to cry :(. He was trying so hard not to laugh.  Brayden is dangerous with his blow dart gun!!

One of the games they played was knocking over soda cans with their blow guns...

Dawson picked the menu for the party:
Hotdogs, chips, applesauce, cookies and soda

Dawson thought he was going to open his presents in this box.  He finally realized it wasn't going to work out to well :).

Lovin all the gifts from
his cute

He wanted these Vans so bad... 
He wanted to be just like his big brother Dax :)

All he wanted for his bday was beef jerky, duct tape and cool whip...

       So excited to be opening gifts...

Would you just look at all those gifts...
he is one spoiled boy!!!

Getting ready for cake...

Such good buddies...

The next game was shooting down the army guys...

The final game of the evening was seeing how many balloons you could hit around the room.  It was so funny, some of the kids where freaking out because they weren't doing so well.  They kept asking if they could start over.  It was so funny how badly they wanted to win a prize :).

This was an awesome game.  The only problem I didn't anticipate was the pile of chairs, and the bullets flying behind them :(.  Jackson climbed back behind them to get a bullet and got stuck :).

Finally it was time for the highly anticipated pinata...
Notice the awesome blindfold... In all of my hard work and planning, yep, I forgot to bring a blindfold.  You would think we would just run home and get on since we were a block away from our house, but no, we just used a grocery bag :).  We told the kids to keep their eyes closed while they were hitting, but you can see Ollie peeking.  I am pretty sure they all did.  Good thing Dave and Brayden kept the pinata swinging.




Dawson finally broke it :)

Everyone went crazy...

There was so much candy, they all almost filled their bags.
Luck kids...
Dawson was a little sad the pinata broke so quickly, so he wanted a few more whacks at it...

The night ended with six stinky boys having a sleep over.  Oh, and notice they put Cruz right in the middle of all of them.  Dawson sure loves Cruz.  I swear he thinks he is his brother instead of his dog :).  Dawson had such a great night.  Hopefully it made up for not being here on his real birthday.  I sure do love my littlest guy.  Happy Birthday Dawson!!!