Friday, April 27, 2012

Surprise....... :)

April 27, 2012
 I do "Fun Friday" every Friday in Dawson's Kindergarten class.  I plan a fun activity for the last 25 minutes of class for all the kids who have finished their centers for the week.  Every once in a while I have taken Jada with me to help.  So this morning Jada woke up with the idea to have me check her out of school early and take her to lunch.  Then she would come help me with "Fun Friday".  I told her she was a funny girl, and that I would not check her out.

Later on, I decided why not check her out.  She would only miss her last class.  So SURPRISE.... I showed up and checked her out :).  We went to Hobby Lobby, and bought her so embroidery floss for the bracelets she makes.  Then we headed over to our new favorite restaurant Culver's.  Ummmmm!!!  We got kids meals that came with a scoop of frozen custard.  Plus she got a Strawberry Smoothie.  Wow, she got spoiled :).

What could be better than spending some one on one time with my only daughter, and yummy food.  We had such a great time, and Dawson's class loves when Jada comes to help.  Thanks for hangin' with me Jada Babe!  I sure do love ya.