Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yep, I Win Mother of the Year Award...

March 27, 2014
Yep, I win Mother of the Year Award, NOT!!  Today was Dawson's first Cub Scout pack meeting, and what did I do... made him miss it :(.  I thought it started at 6:30, unfortunately it started at 6:00. 
Poor Dawson, he went and sat with all the other scouts just in time for them to take down the flag, and say the closing prayer :(.  He was so bummed, he has been so excited to start scouts.  He had been talking about the pack meeting all week.  Such a horrible feeling letting your son down :(.
The Cub Master was kind enough to take Dawson in the kitchen and help him do the activity he missed.
They made crystals...
He was very happy...
I am such a bad mom, I can not remember anything to save my life :(.  Hopefully my kids will only remember the good things :).  Love you Dawson!!  You are so cute in your scout shirt.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well, We Have Another Driver...

March 26, 2014

Well, we have another driver.  Our Jada Babe finally got up the courage to go take her written driving test.  We had gone to do it in November, but she failed.  She hadn't read the handbook :(.  She was so upset she didn't want to go back.

We finally got her to practice driving in the church parking lot, and then she couldn't wait to go get her permit.  She hurried and read the handbook in 2 days.


After passing the test and getting her permit, we let her drive home from the DMV.  I was so glad Dave was with us, and coached her through it :). 

She also got her bottom braces off before we went to the DMV, it was a big day for her :). Your smile is beautiful Jada.  You did a great job driving home :). I sure do luv ya!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Another fun St. Patrick's Day Come and Gone...

March 17, 2014 
Another fun St. Patrick's Day come and gone.  For St. Patrick's we had our traditional breakfast for dinner.  We had green french toast, green eggs, bacon and Martinelli's sparkling cider.  There is a good reason why Brayden is not in this picture...
Just before dinner, he crashed on his pennyboard, and really did a number on his elbow and wrist.  Poor Brady Boy :(.
Our yummy green meal all ready to eat...
Here is my attempt at a St. Patrick's treat for the kids...
It is suppose to be gold at the bottom of a rainbow :)
I usually make green pancakes, but the kids requested green french toast...
I think this was a way better idea.
Dawson did not want to come in to eat since he had already eaten at the neighbors.  That is how things usually go for me.  I plan a fun evening, and at least one of the kids don't want to participate :(.  He just wanted to keep practicing on his new skateboard.  He is getting really good :)
Dawson is such a funny guy...  This morning he was adament that he was not going to wear green.  He wanted to be pinched.  He always makes me laugh :)
We had a bottle of Martinelli's that we forgot to use on New Year's, so it made the perfect addition for our St. Patrick's celebration.  You know a green bottle, with gold drink... Perfect!  We usually have Sprite, but I think we will always go with Martinelli's now.
Poor Brayden had to eat on the couch... 
We took him in 3 days later, and it wasn't broken thank goodness.
We had a great St. Patrick's Day!  
I sure love spending time with my family :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Finally Got Our Real Christmas Tree...

December 5, 2013
Yay, we finally got our real christmas tree!  We usually get it right after Thanksgiving, but with Dax working and bad weather, we had to wait a little.  I love having a real tree in our family room.   I love the smell :).  Each year Dave tries to talk me into just using the fake tree, but I won't!!  I like having the fake tree in the front room, so I can see it every time I drive up to our house :).  I just love Christmas.  I want trees everywhere in our house.
We didn't even leave to get it till 8:15.  
We got a late start, which is usually how this family rolls.  
I was so proud of Dave and the kids for being willing to go get the tree tonight since it was only 6 degrees out.  It has been sooo cold lately.
He is so darn cute!!  I love that he still likes me to take his picture, he loves his hat and wanted some pictures of it :)
Everyone agreed on a tree very quickly this year.  
Probably due to the cold temps :)
These guys where trying to stay warm in the car while Dave and Dax tied the tree to the top...
Ready to get this beauty home...
I am so grateful that Dax is always willing to help Dave get the tree in the stand.  I guess Brayden will have to take over his place next year, since Dax will be on his mission.
In place and ready to be decorated!!
So excited for Christmas!!