Friday, November 15, 2013

Dawson Has Been Dying to Have a Sleepover...

August 9, 2013
Ollie, John, Dawson and Shawn 
Dawson is 7, and has been dying to have a sleep over.  I kept telling him he had to wait till he was 8. Finally, he talked me into to letting him have an end of summer sleep over party.  So we set up the tent and invited the friends.  He was soooo excited!  He knew exactly what he wanted to do for the party...
 First they had pillow fights on the trampoline...
They were in heaven :)
Next they had a BBQ, 
hot dogs and squeezable applesauce were his choices for the menu...
He even let Brayden and Aiden have a hot dog, but they had to stay in the house.  They were not allowed outside with all of his friends.  This party was strictly Dawson's :)
Dax even serenaded them while they ate...
What lucky boys :)
This kid is so talented on the guitar!
They were so excited to sleep in the tent alone...
Next up, sitting around the fire roasting starbursts...
Dawson was so happy that they got their own big bag of Starburst, and was adamant that they be left alone.  He wanted to be in charge of the whole thing.  He didn't want me interrupting.  He is growing up so fast, and is so independent.
Finally, they climbed into their sleeping bags to watch a movie in the tent...
Pretending to be asleep :)
I didn't think they would last the whole night.  I thought for sure they would get scared when the movie ended and come inside to sleep, but they didn't.  They slept out there the whole night.  When I went out to check on them later, they had turned off the TV and actually went to bed.

They were so cute, and I don't think I have ever seen Dawson so happy.  I am glad that I finally gave in, and let him have a sleep over.  It was the perfect ending for summer break!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mom's 70th

October 18, 2013
Wow, what an amazing woman!!  I can not believe my mom is 70.  She has way more energy than me, and she never stops.  She is constantly taking care of everyone but herself.  I hope I can look as good as her when I reach 70.  She never stops amazing me with everything she does.
We had a surprise party for her 70th birthday.  I was worried that she was going to find out about it before the party.  It is kind of hard to keep it a surprise with 10 kids, 9 In-law, 42 grandkids (2 more on the way), 3 grandkids In-law and 2 great grandkids.  As you can see it was a bit difficult. However, mission accomplished, I think she really was surprised!
We had the party the day after her birthday so that it was on a Friday, and we could hangout longer. Since her birthday came and went and nothing big happened, I think she thought we all had forgotten it was her big 70th.  Don't worry Mom, we would never forget :).
She even shed a few tears...
Nate and Cindy even came all the way from Wyoming.  They are awesome!!
Matt was in Europe for work, but we were so glad the rest of his family could make it :)
Grandma brought a huge spider for a house warming gift for Lorrin, Tahnee and Taden...  
Taden was sooo happy :).  They had just moved in to their new house a few days before the party. They were so nice to let us have the party there.  It is big and open, and was perfect for our big family.  Pretty sure their place will now be party central for the Hamilton family :)
The twins,
it is so hard to tell them apart :)
Poor Dave had just worked a graveyard shift, and was wiped out.  
He was trying so hard to be excited...
Sylas and Senora
Me and my Mom
Sy and Nixon
The two littlest party guys :)
Taden, Dawson and Knightly
Meg, Jada, Senora, Taylor, Sloane, Emily, Kennadi and Brayden 
Cindy and Tahnee 
The twins can't get enough of each other :)
Gift time...
Yep, that's right "Ephriams Rescue"
And a book full of letters, from everyone in the family...
Wendy put this whole book together, and it turned out amazing!!!
Also, everyone chipped in money, and Nate redid her extra bathroom.
I think she liked her gift :)
Next we all went down to Lorrins theater room to watch a slide show that Wendy put together of pictures of Mom.  Yet again Wendy did an amazing job!!
Kennadi and Taden
My Mom and her sister Glenna...
The first partiers to poop out :)
Erica and Weston
Elora and Nixon
Sy was done...
Liz and Cindy
Sam, Kennadi and Brayden
Time for cake...
Weston and Liz
Marlene and Nixon
Oh my cute girls...
They are all growing up way to quick.
Wait a minute... I think a celebrity has shown up for the party...
Oh, it's just Weston, but for sure he is a future celebrity.  
Just look at that good lookin guy :)
Taden was break dancing for everyone :)
Finally Wendy and Ken lost it...
I guess the party is over :)
Oh wait not yet...
Nate can never just come and party.  He is always doing some kind of work for someone.  This time he was doing some fixes on Lorrin and Tahnees new floors.  
Nate you are the best!!
One more big Happy 70th Birthday to my Mom!!!
We had such a great night, and we are so grateful to have such an amazing woman in our lives. Thanks for everything you do for all us.  We love you!!!