Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School 2011... First Day of New Job...

August 22, 2011
Another school year has arrived :(. Yes, that is right, I am not excited for school to begin again. Were did this summer go? My kids are getting so old, and time is going way to fast.
Brayden trying to decide what to wear the first day!
Daxton deep in thought of which would be the coolest clothes for the big first day!
Daxton 10th grade, 15 years old!
What the? I was just a sophomore, how in the heck am I now a parent to one :(. Sorry, I keep going on about time flying, but it really is freaking me out!!
Out the door at 7:05... ouch!
Nice choice of clothes for your first day Dax,
you look awesome!
Bye my big buddy....
remember who you are and what you stand for :)
Jada 7th grade, 13 years old!
Jada started school a day earlier than all the other kids. The 7th graders get a day by themselves at the school to get the whole routine figured out. Then on the first day for everyone else they get the day off!
Off to her first day of Jr. High...
she is so dang cute!!
Out the door at 7:40, I am so scared for her :/. So I woke up and realized that I had not paid her fees yet, oops. She left to go to the bus, so I followed her in the car and documented the big day. She was quite embarrassed :)
I was starting to feel a little bad for embarrassing her, until I saw another mom waiting at the bus stop with her daughter. So I thought since I was already there I would get a picture of her with her friends :). I know I am that crazy mom!
Savanna, Jada, Clarissa, Cassidy and Cessily
Jada and Savanna
Well, the embarrassment didn't end at the bus stop. I was still at the school paying fees when they arrived. So I figured why not get some pictures of Jada and her locker partner :) Am I really so bad for wanting to document this moment?
What good sports these two were!!
Jada on her second day of school,
wow, she is so dang cute!!
Brayden 6th grade, 11 years old!
Please don't notice his hair, our neighbor did not get around to giving him a hair cut:(. I can not believe I let him start looking like that! He looks so good in his new clothes, just pretend he has a nice short cut!
Out the door at 8:50, oh how I love being on the late start track :) There was a new elementary built in our neighborhood, and we had to switch to it :(. We loved our elementary, but I guess we just have to adjust. Brayden is okay with it, because his best friend Jacob is in his class!!
Brayden's teacher Mrs. Jones!
She looks like she is young enough to be one of the kids at the school!
She is really cute!
On the kids first day of school, I started a new job. Yep, I am a crossing guard!! I actually am loving it. The kids I cross are so cute, and polite. Also, I am just doing it in the morning so I work out and just go in my work out clothes. Then I shower after I get home, which will be nice once the weather gets bad. That is why I look so cute in this picture :).

Well, so far we are off to a pretty good start. Let's hope things keep going so smoothly. I hope this is a wonderful year for all my kids! Love ya guys!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 13th Jada

August 4, 2011
It's official... we now have 2 teenagers in our home :/. Yep, our Jada Babe turned 13! I can not believe how old she is, and might I add how beautiful :). Jada is so fun, and brings us so much happiness. She is the best daughter ever! Jada is so unselfish, and shares everything with her brothers. She and Dawson are the best of friends. Dawsons first choice of people to hang out with is Jada. He would always choose her over his friends. Jada is growing into an amazing young lady, and quite a babysitter!! She is going to make a great mom someday. This is our year for just family parties, so we had cake and presents with Jada on her birthday. The day after we went to Lagoon. Jada has been begging to go there for her birthday.
Everyone has to get in on the candle lighting action...
Ready to make the big wish...
She got them all!!
Dawson was so excited,
he bought Jada a present with his own money :)
Wow... he got her Starbursts,
what an awesome little bro!!
Next in the present line up...
A new bed set, Jada wants to redo her bedroom decor.
Off to Lagoon we go!! However this year we left Brayden and Dawson at home. Brayden hates amusement parks, he does not like how his stomach feels on the rides :(. Also, selfish me thought it would be fun this year to have a break from the little kid area. Next year Dawson will be tall enough to ride most of the rides :). Plus Dawson had a birthday party he really didn't want to miss. So I was pretty excited to spend time with Jada and Dax, and hit all the big rides I have missed for a few (10) years. It was a lot of fun, but I have to admit I really missed Brayden and Dawson. So next I am forcing Brayden to give the rides a try again.
First ride of the day, the Bombora!
Getting ready to ride the White Roller coaster. I think this is the scariest ride in the park since it is so old, but I still love it!
My first time on Wicked :/. I changed my mind... this is the scariest ride in the park! I was screaming so loud. This is one crazy ride!! Just look at this ride, straight up, and straight down...Unfortunately I am getting old, and some of these rides made me a bit sick :(. I love roller coasters, I have to fight age and stay young!!
Cliff Hanger
The Music Express, this ride was new when I was in the ninth grade. Yep, I remember riding it with my boyfriend, ha...ha...!!
Awe... the Sky Ride! Definitely the best ride in the park. Actually maybe not. Once I am up high, high, high, I start thinking of cables snapping, and plummeting to my death! Okay, maybe this is the scariest ride in the park :).
What a good lookin guy!!
The Safari Train, yes, finally this is the best ride in the park. Relaxing, safe, slow!! Yep, this is the best ride :)

We had such a fun time together, Jada made a good choice in her birthday celebrations! Happy Birthday Jada Babe! We love you so much!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sno Cones and Biking....

August 8, 2011
This is what we decided to do for Family Home Evening tonight. We rode our bikes to the neighborhood Sno Shack! I have been wanting to do this all summer. Finally everyone is home together :). It has been a crazy summer with everyone going all different directions. Tonight we even had the addition of Brayden's best friend Jacob. He is like an adopted son :). It makes my heart happy to be a whole family again!!
I just love shaved ice,
sure makes for good times!
I love this picture!
I took a better one, but I decided to go with this awesome one :).
After our sno cones, we decided to go for a bike ride. We hit four different playgrounds in our neighborhood!
Dawson is so proud,
he has mastered the monkey bars!!
We had so much fun we were out late!
I love this picture with the outline of the playground!

We had such a great time! I love Family Home Evening, and I especially love fun times with my family :).