Monday, June 29, 2009

Aahh.....A Hot Dog Roast!!!

Yesterday we went up Hobblecreek to have a hot dog roast. I know we are so bad to do that on a Sunday :(, but we had such a great time! The weather was perfect, there were not to many people up there, and the water felt great. It was so nice to spend some quality time with my family. I lived in Springville for 12 years, and my family spent a lot of time up at Kellys Grove. It was so fun to see my kids doing the same things I did as a kid. It hasn't changed a bit.

When we first got there we did a bit of hiking! Everything was so green. It was beautiful!!

Jada and Dawson heading up the trail

Dax, Brayden and Jada

Jada walked down the hills behind Dave, and holding his hands. She was afraid she would fall!

Next we played in the creek. It was so fun. The water was a bit cold, but with the heat it felt great. Part of the creek was damned up so it was deep enough for the older kids to swim in it. Dawson had fun sitting in the shallow parts. He thought he was pretty brave!

Brayden & Dax trying to decide if they wanted to get wet!

Dawson wouldn't get in at first. He just wanted to play with this stick in the water!

Finally everyone got in and played!

This is where the water was damned up

Dawson had so much fun!



After playing in the water, we had our hot dog roast. We had a great time even minus the hot dog buns. What happened to the buns....good question? They got put in the van, but they suddenly vanished. They were no where to be found. I thought for sure they would be on the counter when we got home, be they weren't. They really did disappear. Everyone still ate a hot dog (except for picky me). We had enough other good food, and smores. You can't have a campfire without smores. Ummm....smores!!! Love em!!

Enjoying bunless hot dogs...ummm!

Daxtons new thing is sporting bandanna's. He looks so cool!

Starting to roast marshmallow!

Dawson loves to roast mallows!

Photo courtesy of Daxton. Nice to have older kids who can take pictures also.

Here is Dawson & Jada enjoying the finished product!

My little guy can't stay clean for anything. I was leaning into the car to get out wipes to clean him off, and I told Dawson, "don't touch me!" So what does he do, he gets as close to my bum as he can without touching me, just to be funny!Dave was watching the whole thing and was laughing. Dawson is just like his Dad, he is such a tease!

Leave it to Dawson to get really dirty!

We had such a great day!! I just love summer! We do a lot of day trips to the canyon for hot dog roasts. We do not get to camp too much, so this makes up for it. I love my family!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


On Friday June 19, we went down to Manti to go to the Manti Pageant. I have not been to it since I was in high school. Let's just say it has been a very long time. Dave and the kids have never seen it. My sister Wendy, and her two girls were in the pageant this year, so we decided it was a good time to go see it. It was excellent! Also, my sister Wendy lives in Manti, so we stayed over night. It was so nice not to have to drive home that late at night. My Mom, and my Brother Matt and his family all went on the same day we did. Matt even brought 2 of my brother Nate's kids with him from Wyoming. So we got to spend some time with Mariah and Madison. It was quite a party! The kids especially loved it.

We were going to go on Saturday, but found out it was suppose to rain, so we went Friday. It was perfect! It was a bit windy, but the weather was great. I forgot to bring the camera, so on the way home the next morning we stopped at the temple to get some pictures. As you can see in the pictures, it was raining. We were glad we decided to go a day early.

Jada is not in the picture because she decided to stay for a few days with her cousins.

Our Boys!

My sister Wendy was so kind to house all of us. In her house that night there were 7 adults, and 12 kids. The kids had so much fun hangout with their cousins. Wendy is a bit crazy, and always has so much going on. So on top of the awesome preschool she has in her basement, she has now opened a very cool candy shop in her garage! She says it is for her kids to run, but I think she has more fun with it. Everything Wendy does is amazing. That night Aunt Wendy let everyone pick out .60 cents worth of stuff from their shop. The kids went crazy! Here are some pictures from the visit to Aunt Wendy's candy shop!!

The kids waiting to shop!

Our kids waiting anxiously!

Aunt Wendy showcasing her shop!

Let the shopping begin!

Everyone went crazy...

Finally Aunt Wendy had 1 kid go at a time.
Here is Dawson on his shopping spree!

Brayden's turn....

Jada had a hard time deciding...

Finally it was Daxton's turn!
Dax kept trying to talk Wendy into extra candy...This is how Wendy dealt with him!!

Dawson just about died when he saw this giant otter pop!!

Grandma was enjoying watching her grand kids go crazy!

Even the adults enjoyed the candy shop!

Wendy and I at the shop!

What is more fun than a ginormous sleep over with cousins?

We did not go to sleep until about 2 am!!

The next morning the kids entertained themselves in the preschool making friendship bracelets!

Remember making these friendship bracelets?

Just a cute picture of Dawson & Sloane entertaining themselves in the preschool water fountain!

Amid all this ciaos, we had such a great time! Thanks to Aunt Wendy and Uncle Ken for all their hospitality. They are always so good to us.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Fast They Grow, and Change......

So as I said in my last post, I am very behind on my blog. I had an idea on the last day of school, to take pictures of my kids and see how they have changed from the first of the school year. It is always amazing to me how fast my kids change. They are getting so grown up. I know this is a good thing, but it also makes me sad. :( Time flies way to fast. Anyway, here is their pictures from the first of the school year, and a picture of them on the last day of school.

This is Daxton on his birthday in July 08'
(I could not find his picture from the first day of school) :(

Daxton on the last day of 7th grade, May of 09'

Jada on first day of 4th grade, August 08'

Jada on last day of 4th grade, May 09'

Brayden on his first day of 3rd grade, August 08'

Brayden last day of 3rd grade, May 09'

Dawson in June 08'

Dawson at the end of May 09'
(He is with Brady & Bryce Woods his friends we babysit)

How I wish I could put their pictures side by side. Oh well! I can not believe another school year has come and gone. Like I said time flies to fast. I am so excited for summer, or maybe I am just so excited to not have any more homework!

Just want to tell my kids how much I love them all. They are great kids!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The Quilt....." :\

I am so behind on my blog. There is so many things I want to post, so bear with me. I will post a lot in the next few days. Here goes...

Jada had a project at school that she had to make a quilt for. I know.... making a quilt in 4th grade? She could have choose a different project, but I said okay to the quilt because we have never used the sewing machine that Santa gave her for Christmas. Yes, believe it or not, we finally broke it out and used it. Also, as always, we waited till the very last second to make the quilt. Literally....we started the cutting process at about 4 pm, and it was due the following morning!! I am the worst procrastinator :\.

Jada was very excited to finally be getting to use her new sewing machine!

The cutting process...the worst part!

Finally the sewing begins.... We started sewing at about 7:30pm.

Our good neighbor Karen let us in on a good secret to keep the squares going through continuously. It saved us a lot of time, and string. Thanks for the good tip Karen!!

Jada did a great job at sewing for the first time. Usually I end up doing most of the kids projects, but Jada did most of the sewing. I was so proud of her!

The finished product!!!

We finished sewing around 11:30 pm :\. Jada was so excited for this project, but by about the time 10 pm rolled around she was asking if she could go to bed. Also, if I would just finish it for her. I am a mean mom, and made her stay up, Even though it was my fault we waited till the very last second. Jada was a real trooper!!

I was surprised that the back turned out as good as it did. We were sewing so fast, it is amazing that the rows even remotely lined up!

I had to hold the camera out to take this picture... our photographer (Dave) had finally gone to bed at about 10:30 pm.

I have to admit, that I am pretty proud of Jada and I. Jada did an amazing job for her first time sewing, and I can not believe I even figured out how to put this whole thing together... :\. Put aside the stress from doing this project at the last minute, we had a great time! I am sure it will be a great memory for us both. Jada is such a cutie. I love spending one on one time with my kids. I love Jada so much!!