Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Morning 2011

April 24, 2011
This was a great year for Easter. We have church at 1 o'clock, so Easter is the only Sunday that I actually appreciate that time. It was so nice not to wake up way early. Dave and I also had to be to church early to receive a new calling. We were called to teach the Marriage and Family Relations Sunday School class :(. When will anyone in our ward realize how much I hate teaching!

Here is the traditional waiting on the stairs picture. I must warn you to view the first picture at your own risk. Dave decided to join in and he looks pretty frightening, so be forewarned :).
That's my man!!
Hey, don't say I didn't warn you...
Coming in to see their baskets :)
Checking out their baskets...
Daxton pulling his Zoolander "Blue Steel" look...
Let the hunt begin....
The night before Daxton told me to just put some candy in his bucket because he was not going to hunt this year. I told him fat chance, as long as you live at home you have to hunt for your candy :). As you can see, he wanted that candy!
Checking out what the hunt produced...
Viewer Discretion is advised for these next photo's.
They are very graphic....
This is Brayden's Egg Rod...
Brayden pondering what to do with Rod...
Okay, fine... I can not resist any longer...
Good bye Rod... you were a good egg!
Wow is it hard to get a picture of boys in their church clothes. They got home before me, and their church clothes were off in seconds flat :(. At least Jada will let me get pictures of her in her new Easter dress. You looked beautiful Jada!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs 2011

April 23, 2011
We almost didn't get our eggs colored this year... we didn't start until 9:30 at night. I guess that is not to unusual for our family. We do everything late. Becky and Corey were over so we were rushing so we could watch a movie with them. The egg dying kit I bought this year was for decorating your eggs to look like monsters.
Dax will not smile for pictures...
Yes, Brayden does have a black eye in this picture. He and Dawson bonked heads on the trampoline. Poor guy :(. The morning after Brayden got his black eye he climbed in bed with me to talk. He had been so excited because it was his maturation day, and he was going to be checked out of school early. He had really been looking forward to this day. This is how our conversation went:

Brayden: "Well, this was going to be a good day..." :(.

Me: "What are you talking about, why isn't it going to be good?"

Brayden: "I was going to get out of school early, it is Friday, and I was going to have a late night with Jacob. Now I have a black eye :(

Me: "So why can't you still do all that?"

Brayden: "Well, I guess I can..."

I never knew how much a black eye could affect ones day :). Brayden was pretty devastated. I am glad I could help him realize that life could go on after a black eye. Well now that I got off on that little tangent, I will continue about coloring eggs :).
Becky and Corey were being entertained by the movie "Hot Rod". As you can see Becky was really enjoying it!
Poor Dave, this is all he does now... HOMEWORK :(.
Jada's finished egg
Brayden's egg named Rod since we were watching Hot Rod...
Dawson's monster eggs...
He can not ever just smile for a picture :)
Daxton's eggs,
he left them sitting in the coloring for 2 hours...
After watching a movie so late the Easter Bunny got to stay up until 3 am :/. Poor Easter Bunny, I know how she feels!
The Easter Bunny was good to our kids this year! Dawson has been begging for Otter Pops, who knew that the Easter Bunny was so intuitive :).
Jada & Dawson
When the Easter Bunny finally went to go to bed, she checked on all the sleeping kids. Dawson and Jada had built themselves a bed on Jada's floor so they could sleep together. So I decided to get some pictures of the cute sleeping littles...
We had watched a movie that freaked Brayden out, so he decided he needed to sleep on the couch in our bedroom!
Awe, look how big my baby is... my how time flies!
So excited for Easter Morning!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet Cosmo... The Newest Member Of Our Family

April 25, 2011
Yes it is true, I finally gave in and said yes to getting a dog! This all came about because of Aunt Becky, Elora and Taylor. It all started on April 16. We were in Idaho Falls, and Jada gets a call from Becky saying she found her a dog on KSL. This has been a vicious cycle for a few years now. Becky calls... Jada Begs... I say no... Jada cries :(. So Jada cried for 3 hours this time. I called becky back and told her she has to stop doing this to Jada. Finally, I think I am smart and tell Jada that it is between her and Dad. Well Dave wasn't to happy that I was making him be the bad guy, so he said yes :/. So... here we are with our new dog Cosmo!!
This nice couple graduated and were moving out of state. The apartment they are moving to does not allow pets. Plus they both got full time jobs, and didn't want to leave Cosmo sitting at home all day. So, we are so lucky that they have trained Cosmo so well. He is 4 years old, and very obedient. He also knows lots of tricks, and is fully potty trained. We lucked out. He is so good.
Bringing Cosmo home :)
Had to make a quick stop to get dog food, doggie treats,
and of course a new toy....
Jada has waited sooo long for this moment!
I think Cosmo has been getting a little too much lovin from Dawson :)
Cosmo is going to get fat with all the treats that Dawson is constantly giving him!
The owners gave us a lot of things, one of them was this little info packet. Dawson picked it up and said, "is this Cosmos bedtime stories?" I am sure Cosmo will definitely go to bed easily with this story!!

I know this is a crazy move for me, but it was time for our kids to get to experience owning a dog. They are all very excited, and I am so happy for them. I think Dave is also very happy :).