Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Baby Started Kindergarten :(

 August 30, 2011
 It has happened... my baby has started Kindergarten :(.  I know that I should be excited, but I am so sad.  I am excited for all he is going to learn and all the fun experiences he will have, but it is sad that my little buddy is growing up.  The older kids started school a week before him, so Dawson really had a hard time waiting for his turn to go.  He was extremely excited!!
 Here he is with all his new clothes, 
trying to choose the best outfit for the first day :)
 Striking a pose...
 I finally got him to stand normal and smile, 
wow... he is such a cutie!!
 Finally arriving at school, 
it could not have come fast enough for him.
 Hudson, Dawson and Ollie
We lucked out and he has so many of his friends in his class.
 Dawson's awesome teacher Mrs. Baird!
 Notice how short Dawson's hair still is from the mohawk incident :(.  I am so sad that it looked like this for the start of school.  Hopefully it grows out enough before school pictures in a week and a half.
 This is a brand new school, and they barely finished most of the inside in time for school to start.  As you can see from the pictures, they did not finish the outside in time :(.
  Finally school is starting... notice he does not even look back at me :(.  He is off on the school adventure!  As he walked in, I finally started to cry.  The Principal was watching everything, and informed me that there was grief counselors available :).  I thanked him, but said I would just call my sisters instead.  Thank heaven for sisters to comfort me in this traumatic moment of my life :).  I also called Dave crying, and he said, "Just think we have all of Eternity with him".  I responded crying even hard, "No we don't, he will be with his wife"!   I know I am a freak!!

Look how happy he is at the end of his first day of school!  I am happy knowing that he is in good hands, and that he is excited.  At least I still have a little buddy for part of the day, I am really going to be sad next year when he is in full day school.
Yeah, my little guy is coming home!!  
Love ya Dawson!