Friday, November 17, 2017

Today I got to spend the afternoon with Dawson...

November 17, 2017

Today I got to spend the afternoon with Dawson on his sixth grade field trip to the Natural History Museum.  I was suppose to go as a parent volunteer and help with other kids, but when I went to get my background check it was not going to be back in time.  So I got to go and hangout with just Dawson.  I was so excited to go, especially since this is Dawson's last year of elementary. Unfortunately, since I was with him he did not get to really hangout with his friends.  They all sat together on the bus, and Dawson was stuck sitting with me :(.  He said it was fine, but I could tell he was a little sad.  So at the museum I tried to hang back and just watch him with his friends.  I guess he is getting old enough that it is not so cool to have your mom come with you.  Dawson was so cute because he was trying so hard not to make me feel bad.  He is so stinking cute :).  

There were so many cool things to see at the museum...
Dawson, Ollie and Queenie

Dawson Ollie and Alyssa

Dawson was in a really fun group with lots of his frineds, and his teacher Mr. Bell was their chaperon.
Sylvie, Paige, Ollie, Hudson, Hailey, Addy, Alyssa, and Dawson

 Dawson, Ollie, Alyssa, Sylvie, Addy, Hailey, Queenie, Paige and Hudson

Dawson was so happy he was in a group with his two best friends...
These three have been in the same class since kindergarten.  Dawson is so lucky to have such great friends.

I am so blessed to get to spend time with my littlest buddy...

Today was the first snow fall for this winter, and lucky me, it fell on the same day as the field trip.  The kids on the bus kept pulling the windows down and snow and rain kept flying in.  Not to mention the bus driver let the kids decide if the heater should be on or off.  So yep, it was off most of the time. Other than freezing my behind off it was a perfect day with my baby.  I sure do love ya Dawson!!!

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