Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

May 8, 2016

This was definitely my best Mother's Day ever!!  Jada and Dave woke up and made me French Toast even when we had 9 am church.  It was so good!  French Toast is my favorite.  Then we went to church, and Jada had dropped of Brayden early to save a seat.  So when I got up there Brayden wasn't in the bench.  So I told Jada I was going to go find him.  She pointed to the stand, and there he was. He was giving a talk about Mother's and they decided to surprise me and not let me know.  I was sure surprised.  It was so fun to hear him speak on Mother's Day.  He did a great job!  It was short but sweet.  Out of the three boys that spoke, he was the only one that said Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!!!  Oh man, made my day :).  Thanks Brady Boy!!  I sure do love you too.

Also in sacrament meeting, Dave made me a boat, Jada made me a finger hat, and Dawson made me an airplane.  They all made them out of gum wrappers, ha ha!  They are so good to me on Mother's Day :).   So when we got home from church they gave me their real gifts.  I got a really cute copper wind spinning decoration for the garden, a cute wood wall plaque that I had been wanting.  Also, Jada gave me the movie The Intern, and Dawson gave me some nail polish and a candy bar.  He also gave me one of those cute questionnaires that they fill in the blank on.  It was super cute.  They really out did themselves this year.

Dawson is so funny.  He wrapped my gift of nail polish and candy bar in 24 different bags.  The first bag was sealed with two rubberbands, and on top of the two rubberbands was a TON scotch tape.  I pealed off one bag after another.  I was laughing so hard!!  He is such a funny guy!!

After church we waited and waited to hear from Dax in Argentina...
I kept listening and listening for the Ipad to start ringing, and nothing... Finally I went to check it and we had missed a call from Dax :(.  Someone had turned the ringer off.  I was freaking out! I tried to call him back and he didn't answer.  Then he called us back.  Unfortunately, we had some problems with the sound.  He was having problems on his end.  After about 30 min, we finally got a good connection.  He had told me he could only talk to us for 40 minutes.  I was so mad :(.  However, we ended up talking for about an hour.  I will take an hour.  I have always tried to get him to talk for longer, but he is too obedient.  What a good missionary!  It was so great to see my boy!!  This is the last Skype that we will have with Dax.  His release date is December 27, and he doesn't want to Skype with us two days before he gets home.  So crazy that the next time we see him will be face to face :)  He has exactly 232 more days.  Time is going VERY SLOW for me, but Dax says it is going so fast for him.  I am so glad that he is happy and loving his mission.

When it was time to get off with Dax, he asked if we could end with a family prayer.  Dave asked Dawson to say it, and he did not want too but finally agreed.  It was so sweet.  Dawson started to cry right when he started to pray.  So obviously I started to cry.  I was trying so hard not to cry this time because I know it makes it so hard on Dax.  So when the prayer was done Dax said he was going to hang up quickly.  He was trying not to cry.  It is always so great to see and visit with my missionary, but man is it hard when we have to hang up!  

After talking with Dax, we hurried over to Grandma Hamilton's for a Mother's Day dinner.  Wendy planned and made the whole meal.  She made roast, and it was delicious.  Roast is my most favorite dinner :).  It was so nice of Wendy to do all of that on her Mother's Day.  We had a good time visiting with everyone.  

Like I said, this was an awesome Mother's Day.  I sure do love my family, they are so good to me.

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